E.A.H Designs

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Quotes Ms. Hammonds spent some time getting to know me and truly understand and embody the essence of my character. She is ingenious in her ability to capture that nature of who I am and put my personality into her art form no matter what the canvas and the medium are. Every time I get into my car a huge smile comes over my face. Her form of expressionistic art speaks to every soul who takes in its message. Love the car and I love you Liz. Quotes
elated driver

Quotes They say art is expression of self. Well through Ms. Hammonds work, I can honestly say she speaks through not the heart, but rather the soul. She has personally done a few pieces of art for me. Her attention to detail is really unbelieveable. The shading, the coloring, the vision that she has is really 2nd To None. This young artist is in the blooming to be great one day. There are very few artist out there, that could actually paint, draw, and visualize a tattoo without having some type of a blueprint from the customer. This is my testimonial. Ms. Hammonds, continue the great work, and continue painting the forever picture of life with only your canvas and your soul. Quotes

Quotes Liz painted a mural for my girls( 5 and 7 years old.) It was a life size image of Ariel the little mermaid, my children's FAVORITE Disney character, although the other princesses aren't that far behind. They LOVED watching her during the process of her work. The outline with pencil first and then the adding of vivid colors! My girls love their new room, and so do their friends. Thank you Liz! Quotes
Khonya Heng
Ariel the Mermaid