E.A.H Designs

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About Us

E.A.H Designs is run by a young Artist named Elizabeth Ashley who had an idea to begin a small business that offers personally customized creations for all ages. She specializes in multiple mediums of Art, working heavily with Acrylic and Graphite. She is a current resident in North/Central New Jersey and travels frequently to NYC. Her vision is to offer a multitude of people who have a creative idea, either of personal interest or a gift, an opportunity for the inspiration to come to life! She has created several pieces of Art directed toward a child's imagination. The looks on a childs face when he/she set eyes on a design made especially for them is truely priceless! 

Do you wish you could show your loved ones how deeply you care beyond the traditional store bought gift? Want to show love and appreciation with a custom creation? 

Elizabeth Ashley believes in the transformation of creativity into reality, join her!
E.A.H Designs, Run by
Elizabeth Ashley